Ping Pong has ventured on a new journey to supply households across the UK with delicious Ready to Steam dim sum. It's quick and easy, as dumplings only take a few minutes to steam or microwave and are ready to be served.

Our refrigerated products range is a limited selection of our most popular steamed, crispy and rice dishes. We will be expanding it in response to consumer demand.

Cooking Instructions

For specific cooking instructions, please see the 'Cooking' information found on individual product pages. Alternatively, you can find this information on our Ready to Steam brochure.

How Much To Order

Products come in microwavable containers with 6 pieces of dim sum each (rice comes as 3 pcs, buns come as 4). In our restaurants we would normally recommend 3-4 portions per person (which is 12 pieces of dim sum). So 8 containers would serve 3-4 people.

Your Ready to Steam dim sum has 4 days-life on arrival, so you don't have to cook it all at once. For storage instructions, please see our Ready to Steam brochure.