Here are the answers to our customer's most frequently asked questions

Are these products the same as those you are selling in your restaurants?

Yes they are, our Ready to Steam products are fully assembled restaurant quality dishes ready to cook and enjoy in the comfort of your home, what you get is exactly what you would eat it at the restaurant.

The Product is listed as Gluten Free but wheat is highlighted as an allergen in the ingredients list, how is this possible?

Some of our products have trace amounts of wheat derivates which are very low in gluten content. All the items marked as GF on the Ready to Steam section have been tested in a lab and all contain less than 20ppm of Gluten.

Wheat starch is listed as an allergen for those who suffer of extremely severe allergies to wheat.

Under the FDA's gluten-free labelling rule, wheat starch is allowed in gluten-free foods as long as the final product contains less than 20ppm of gluten.

Wheat starch is not a wheat grain and not a wheat protein and is considered by the FDA to be an ingredient processed to remove gluten. 

See the full list of gluten friendly item and disclaimer 

I've ordered too much dim sum, can I freeze the products when they arrive?

Our Ready to Steam products including the sauces are not suitable for freezing. We strongly advise against this as some of the ingredients (eg seafood) may have been supplied frozen. Refreezing food is considered a health risk. 

Our Ready to Steam dim sum has 4 days life on arrival so you have 4 days to enjoy it if you keep it refrigerated at 5* or below.

Do we need to consume all the food right away/within 24 hours?

You don't need to eat all in one go, our dim sum have 5 days life at the point of shipment and when the products arrive to you have 4 days life if refrigerated at 5* or below, and are perfectly safe to eat within the use by date which you can find on the top of the containers.

What should I do with packaging?

The cardboard box and inner thermal packaging are recyclable and decomposable, so they can be disposed of with your recycling waste.

What do I do with the gel packs, can they be recycled?

The gel packs can be retained for future use to keep your food or beverages chilled.

You can keep them in your freezer or in a cupboard and freeze them when you need.

They can not be disposed of in your non-recycling waste.

My order got delayed in transit by 1 day, is it safe to consume it?

Yes it is safe to consume as our thermal packaging is designed to maintain safe low temperature for up to 48 hours (as delays can occur on the delivery network). This combined with the fact that our food has 5 days life at the time of shipment, makes it safe for consumption if it is delayed by a day.

When will my order get delivered? / When should I order?

Orders are shipped on weekdays with next day delivery service (24 hour delivery) - No Saturday delivery.

If you placed your order before 11am on a weekday, it will be shipped same day and you will receive it next weekday, however due to the nature of working with third-party couriers, we cannot guarantee this timeframe will always be adhered to. If you are ordering for a special occasion, we would recommend to place your order 48 hours in advance. Our thermal packaging keeps your dim sum at the right temperature for up to 48 hours in transit, in case there are delays with your delivery.

I plan to eat my dim sum on Sunday, when should I order?

You should order Wednesday afternoon or Thursday before 11am, your food would arrive on Friday with 4 days life, so you can enjoy it on Sunday.