Bamboo Steamer Lid (25cm)


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Restaurant Quality Classic Chinese Bamboo Steamer Lid

Tight fitting lid made with woven natural bamboo, fits our 25 cm & 23cm Steamer basket or any 25cm stockpot or wok.

Regulates the heats while cooking to retain moisture, resulting in superior steaming results.

Complete the set with our 25cm Bamboo Steamer Basket and Non-Stick Steamer Paper. 

Notes: Non-stick steamer paper and Bamboo Steamer Basket are sold separately.

Product Care: Hand-wash with warm soapy water, rinse and let dry.

Size: 25cm diameter ( NOTE: This product is 2cm larger than the size we used to have (23cm). If you are going to stack up several bamboo baskets to steam your dim sum, it is recommended to use the same size product. However, 25cm lid would work on top of a stack of the smaller size baskets). 

Material: Bamboo