Tea description: 9 beautiful hand-tied green tea bulbs blossom into a dazzling floral stacks. 3 Jasmine flower tower tea bulbs. 3 Flowering jasmine and lily tea bulbs. 3 Flowering dragon eye tea bulbs.

Tasting notes:  A mixed selection of flowering green teas with sweet floral notes

Content: 9 flowering tea bulbs

Ingredients:  Jasmine flower tower: Flowers of jasmine, marigold, chrysanthemum and globe amaranth. Flowering jasmine and lily: Flowers of jasmine and Chinese lily. Flowering dragon eye: Flowers of jasmine, chrysanthemum and globe amaranth.

Ingredients:  green tea, flowers of jasmine, chrysanthemum and globe amaranth.

Origin: Fu'an, China

Packed: UK

Brewing instructions:  Gently place one bulb in a min of 500ml of hot water (95°C). Allow to steep for 5 mins or until the bulb has blossomed open.

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