Ping Pong has now ventured on a new journey to supply households across the UK with our yummy, "Ready to Steam" dim sum. It is super easy and quick as dumplings only take a couple of minutes in microwave, while spring rolls require an oven.

Initially we are offering refrigerated product range of limited variety but popular products. We will be expanding it in response to consumer demands and we look to eventually add sauces, bamboo baskets as well as a frozen dumpling range.

Being in second lockdown, we decided to rush our launch so we can help Ping Pong Lovers fill the void. As a result we may come off very artisan as our packaging and labelling evolves.

Our products come in microwavable containers, most of which have 6 pieces of dim sum. In our restaurants we would normally say that 12 pieces is a good quantity for one person, may be add rice.

Shipping chilled products requires special packaging and at present we have 3 sizes which hold:

  • 8 containers - serves 3-4 people
  • up to 16 containers - serves a little get together of 6-8 people
  • up to 24 containers - serves a party of up to 12 people

We are not to charging postage and packaging, but as thermal packaging and shipping are expensive, we impose that at least 8 containers are ordered.

We hope you will enjoy our products at home.